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thank you very much for continuously sending us the magazine and so letting us still be part of West street -

I always appreciate that very much!

I found the new version easy to open and read.

thank you very much

Found the new format much easier to read.  Good work.

 it worked fine

easy to open and simple to page through.

It ¹s probably going to suit most of your readers.

  I was a little apprehensive when I received the magazine in the new format but once I opened it I was ever so pleased at how easy it was to read. Technology keeps changing and we 'old ones' are often reluctant to change. The saying "do not fix it if it is not broken" is often a reason not to advance into the modern world. I am glad you ignored this and went on to take advantage of the new technology. The magazine and the contents are extremely good. Well Done.

this month I have included a fix that makes the  content fill the pages so should be even easier to read. A recent change in the material coming from one of our contributors is making their content difficult to display, hope to have this corrected for next month.

Thanks to all for your feedback and kind comments, far too many to list but here are a few.I will continue to try to bring you the latest available designs to keep our magazine right up to date.


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If  you would like to submit an article for the March Magazine (can include pictures) please let us have it by Tuesday 26th  January.

Send to:

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