Church Artifacts

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Picture 1

travelling Baptismal Font?

Picture 2

A sword made from coconut wood and crayfish shells

Picture 3

two swords

Picture 4

A weapon?

Picture 5

Serving spoon? and fire making stick

Picture 6

Possibly a one note flute

Picture 7

could be a bailer for a canoe

Picture 8

Silver coin bracelet, basket etc., Samoan?

Picture 9

Gongs? has the word "pate" on label

Picture 10

Sponge and a bowl made from coconut shell

Picture 11

 appears to be a kind of comb

Picture 12

shell necklaces

Picture 13

coconut shell bowls

Picture 14

heavy metal plate possibly nickel coated

Picture 15

showing the markings on underside of plate

Picture 16

Tortoise shell spoon and fork with Bamboo cruets?

Picture 17

An Adze handle


Picture 18

Brass plaque


Frank Lawes

Picture 19


Picture 20

From Sweden?

Picture 21

Kiribati canoe (outriggers and sail missing)

Picture 22                      and 23

other views of the miniature font

Picture 24

Assorted fans

Picture 25

Miniature drum

Picture 26

Flag of the London Missionary Siociety


Picture 27

Maidenhead junior church


Picture 28

"Dare to Dream" mug

Picture 29

Little budda style statuette

(I'll turn it round later)

Picture 30

sword in presentstion box

Picture 31

Indian statuette

(will redo this one)

Picture 32

odds and ends including a shoe and razor

Picture 33

Book given by a church in Sweden

Picture 34


Picture 35

Possibly Samoan mother and child

(will re do, as out of focus)

Picture 36


Picture 37                               and 38

Bible in Samoan?

Picture 39

another gong perhaps?

Picture 40

two collecting boxes for London Missionary Society

Picture 41

Various utensils

Pictures 42                                                       43                                                and 44

The Bible in Gilbertese as updated by George Eastman gifted by his widow 1979

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